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Tendonitis in Southfield

What is it?

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons. It is commonly seen in athletes subsequent to specific periods of activity. It is classified as an over use injury which suggests that repetitive injury or damage is the true culprit as opposed to an acute injury. This however, is an acceptable theory, which helps the practitioner to understand the problem, and is not necessarily the reality in each case. The symptoms of a tendonitis problem include localized pain, swelling and a frequent reduction in range of motion that may develop gradually or appear suddenly.

What causes it?

A tendonitis is usually caused when an excess stress has been applied to a tendon on a repetitive basis over a period of time. It can be caused by over use of a particular muscle or from abnormal foot mechanics. It is most commonly seen in the Achilles tendon which is the long thick band running down the back of one's leg and attaches to the heel.

How do you treat it?

A treatment for a tendonitis problem includes rest, compression, ice and elevation. These therapeutic measures will serve to reduce the inflammation and pain. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help to decrease the discomfort and may be used before or after exercise. The prevention of a tendonitis includes proper warm up exercises and stretching. Proper shoe gear should be worn along with a modification in one's training habits. A device called an orthotic that can alter the biomechanics of the foot may also help prevent and treat tendonitis problems particularly if they are of the chronic type. It is important to not neglect or ignore professional treatment for these problems since prolonged abuse and damage can possibly result in stress fractures, tendon ruptures and lengthy periods of disability. A localized tendonitis is one of your body's warning signs that should be immediately addressed.

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